About Us


SRU Communications and Technology specializes in providing our customers  the total package experience.  SRU will be the personal guide for our  customers from the initial review process to the final training and  aftercare that is so crucial for a successful installation.

What we do

 When we say total package, we mean total package!  Take a typical  restaurant or night club; SRU can design, install and support, ALL  systems they may require.  We can provide, phone systems, paging  systems, video security, fire and burglar alarm infrastructure, lighting  control, complete automation, audio and video distribution, video  projection, DJ controls, DJ lighting, network infrastructure, POS  recommendations and the list goes on.  Any low voltage need can be met  by our experienced team. 

How it works

 At SRU we begin by simply talking to our customer to identify their  needs and wants.  From there we we choose equipment from leading  industry manufacturers to design a system that fits within our customers  goals and budgets.  Once design is complete, SRU will install the  system remembering that our customers sometimes need to have turnkey  installations or minimum down time.  Finally, SRU always provides our  customers lifetime support for any system we sell and install.