Selling and servicing Business Phones for over 35 Years

SRU Communications & Technology, Inc. has been selling, installing and servicing business phone systems for over 30 years.  Our certified sales force and technicians will custom design a phone system for your small to medium business.

Don't be fooled by low prices.  Not all phones are the same.  Low prices my be enticing but are a good indicator that the equipment you are investing in may not be authorized.  Unauthorized dealers can sell cheap because they can not offer a genuine warranty.  Sometimes the equipment is not even intended for this country.  

SRU Communications & Technology, Inc. only sells genuine certified and authorized equipment and service. 

Phone Systems

Authorized and certified Panasonic


Work well, and well into the future

Whether  you need a communications server and desk phones or cordless calling in  the cloud, Panasonic has the right connections to support and grow with  companies of any size, empowering your employees to work how they want.

Authorized and certified Avaya


Create a  seamless engagement experience for your customers and employees.  Regardless of where they are working or the device they are using, give  your people the communications and collaboration capabilities that will  set your business apart—and allow you to compete with businesses that  are much larger. Do all of that and much more with Avaya IP Office—the  proven communications platform relied on by hundreds of thousands of  growing businesses will millions of users all over the world.   IP Office has everything you need—the phone, messaging, conferencing,  video, even your own customer contact center...all in a single, flexible  platform.